Theva Residency

This boutique hotel overlooking the picturesque view of the central hills offers the promise of serenity, romance and rejuvenation.  Ensconced by the scenic verdant slopes of the majestic Hantana mountain range, Theva Residency is just a few kilometres away from the busy city of Kandy and its myriad attractions.

The residential suites at Theva are luxurious.  These white-walled spaces are elegantly designed with elements of cotton, silk, wood and glass, harmoniously synchronising traditional Kandyan artistry with contemporary chic.  The stunning panoramic views of the commanding landscapes are definitely a bonus!

Dining at Theva is an exhilarating experience altogether.  The open-air seating arrangement here has a live backdrop featuring endless vistas of misty mountain terrain.  The wide range of phenomenal culinary delights on offer here is a fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine.  Just a hike away lies the charming Hantana forest speckled with rivulets and streams, wildlife and exotic greenery.

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