The Fortress Resort & Spa

Built with a strong resemblance to the colonial Old Dutch Fort in Galle, this pale beige structure lined with palms welcomes one to a fantastic beachfront view.  The Fortress Resort and Spa expertly combines modern and contemporary styles with an era bygone and does so with ease, letting one enjoy the comforts of the present year while peeking into the olden days of Ceylon.

All suites with their charming full-length French windows is sure to entice one to a magnificent view of either the garden or the Southern shores.  Each of them also sports a private courtyard or a pastoral terrace.  The spaces are accentuated with soft lighting and residential style décor infused with Sri Lankan artisans’ touches.

Undoubtedly a destination that is sure to compliment all one’s senses!  The destination’s restaurants Heat, Pepper and Duo dish out tantalising cuisine that one simply cannot reject!  Its spa, ‘Spa Naturel’, combines both international and age-old Ayurvedic treatments to rejuvenate one and amplify one’s experience at the stay.  The infinity pool at The Fortress just a few feet away from the beach enfolds one into a view like no other!  There is nothing as comforting and relaxing as nature’s whispering of the waves and the rustle of trees by the shore that can be enjoyed while at the retreat.

The Fortress is a siren’s call to all who are in search of a vacation getaway in Sri Lanka!

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