Tamarind Hill

Incorporating modern luxury and comfort into colonial design, this boutique hotel located on the outskirts of the historic town of Galle whispers of a rich heritage.

The beginnings of Tamarind Hill date back to the 1700s, where a plot of land in the vicinity of the ‘Gini Ganga’ (River of Fire) was chosen to build the manor house of Don Johannes Amarasiri.  Later, this creation became the official residence of the British Admiral of Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company, more famously known as 'P&O Line'.  Today this artistic colonial mansion operates as a luxury resort known as the Tamarind Hill.

Furnished with colonial wooden fittings and contemporary paintings, this spacious structure gives out an idyllic, contemporary yet historic feel.  Sink into the plush couches of the lounge for a tête-à-tête while enjoying the tropical breeze that sweeps across the open halls of Tamarind Hill.  Built with ultimate comfort, elegance and luxury in focus, this vacation spot caters to all their guest’s needs!

The secluded and cosy restaurant here dishes out local cuisine, tantalising seafood and grilled delicacies.

For relaxation, Tamarind Hill houses a spa that offers tried and trusted practices of ancient Ceylon.  The pool and the lounge area gives one the opportunity to unwind in refreshing tropical weather while the expert services at the resort attend to their every need.

Even though this boutique resort may not be placed on the glorious coastal belt of the island, it gives you a wholesome inland experience that is equally sublime!

Title image by: Tamarind Hill




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