Serene Pavilions

Concealed from the hustle of the urban lifestyle and approximately 30 kilometres from the metropolis of Colombo, lies a hideaway that is synonymous with serenity.  Located by the breathtaking view of the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, ‘Serene Pavilions’ is the epitome of idyllic indulgence.  Designed to perfection with beauty and tranquillity, this retreat is enveloped with finely manicured green lawns and picturesque water ponds.

A home away from home, the space hosts an incredible lounge area, a reading room comprising of an extensive library, an incredible ayurvedic spa, a well-furnished gym, a boutique and a salon.  The individually themed pavilions that carry a mixture of Sri Lankan and Balinese inspired design also offers private plunge pools.

The fusion cuisine at the venue is like no other!  Making use of its convenient location that has access to seafood, Serene Pavilions offers a variety of delectable platters for one to indulge in.  

This tropical paradise by the soothing waters of the Western Coast is centred on space, comfort and charm.  The magnificent mellow sunrise, the balmy tropical day by the sea and the spectacular sunset are experiences not to be missed!

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