Royal Cocoon

The Royal Cocoon bungalow located in Nuwara Eliya is a charming 7 luxury bedroom stay that emanates pure bliss.  Set on an acre of land most beautifully landscaped, Royal Cocoon offers its guests a stay that is both luxurious and absolutely tranquil.

An enchanting bungalow situated in close proximity to Nuwara Eliya’s Botanical Gardens, Royal Cocoon is scenically located with a surrounding view of Nuwara Eliya’s misty hills.  An ideal stay for those who enjoy a perfect blend of Ceylon tea in a setting fondly known as “Little England”.  The Royal Cocoon English-style garden is meticulously maintained and complete with comfortable outdoor seating ideal for enjoying the perfect cuppa in pure tranquillity, surrounded by nature and a breeze that is nothing less than pure. 

Within the bungalow one is sure to feel at home, cosy and comfortable rustic interior welcome its guests for a stay that is sure to fall short of nothing.  Complete with heating, hot and cold water and free Wi-Fi connectivity, guests can be sure to expect service and a stay that is an unforgettable one.

The Royal Lounge is an ideal spot within the bungalow where friends and family can gather for a relaxing chit-chat or a warm brandy while viewing some cable TV.  A choice of board games are also available for recreation and all day dining facilities promise everything that is fine.

Heading out for a little exploration of Sri Lanka’s central hills?  Looking for a stay that is cosy, comfortable and charming, all packed in one?  Then Royal Cocoon’s Nuwara Eliya bungalow is sure to provide a service to ensure a stay that is a memorable one.

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