Jetwing Yala

With unlimited access to pristine secluded beaches of the Southern Coast, ‘Jetwing Yala’ is located on the outskirts of the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the best wildlife destinations in Asia.  The location greets one with vibrant green shrubberies scattered across the ivory sand dunes, bordering the peaceful waters of the Indian Ocean.

With parquet flooring, plush furnishings and great lighting the suites of Jetwing Yala boast of panoramic views that will make one never want to leave this tranquil oasis.

A wide array of dining options including destination dining is available at this resort.  If one wishes to take advantage of the captivating landscapes by the shore, ‘Dune Dining’ will make it a reality.  The dining hall, furnished with floor to ceiling glass doors and windows gives one unblocked access to stunning views of the surrounding land of this resort which spans over 37 acres.

Guests can take a safari to the Yala National Park, lounge at the impressive pool, bask in the captivating landscape or even unwind with a relaxing treatment at the resident spa.  A stay at Jetwing Yala is undoubtedly an experience worth indulging in!

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