Cocoon Resort and Villas

Over a hundred years ago, in the rural town of Induwara stood a picturesque hill shrouded with lush greenery, lovingly named ‘Sumanagiri’ by the locals.  This derivative means ‘Silent Mountain,’ for the sense of calm quietude it exudes.  Today this lone mountain is a sanctuary of tranquillity that hosts the luxurious boutique hotel, Cocoon Resort.

A country steeped in rich heritage, Sri Lanka’s art and culture has been greatly influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British.  Cocoon Resort incorporates all this in its design and structure making this hideaway a true work of art.

The spa at the resort ‘The Bath’ carries out invigorating treatments with an essence of the traditional Asian art of Ayurvedic therapy.  Each villa carries its own plunge pool for an idyllic swim while the ‘Silk Rooms’ at this resort accommodate private Jacuzzis one could unwind in.

The signature restaurants at this resort offer an array of decadent cuisine to pamper one with: mouthwatering culinary feats prepared by resident veteran Chefs.  Dining under the stars at the Garden Wadiya is also perfect for a night cap.

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