Cinnamon Wild

Here’s to an unconventional resort experience!  Laid out at the border of the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka; Yala National Park, Cinnamon Wild Yala gives one the opportunity to explore the glories of the untamed while enjoying the comforts of refined luxury.

Surrounded by lush greenery set alongside a scenic lake with crocodiles, the resort welcomes one to an undomesticated experience.  The rustic yet elegant resort is designed to enable guests to indulge in all decadent experiences of this retreat, from the simple pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors, to a fine spa treatment and a delectable spread on a rooftop where one can observe the occasional deer, elephant or even a leopard (this shouldn’t be surprising as Yala boasts of the highest leopard density in the world) passing by.

The space offers the rare opportunity of participating in infrared night safaris that paint a whole new insight unlike the usual daytime visit to the jungle. With visits from cheeky lemurs and trumpeting elephants, who’s to say what adrenaline-inducing adventure one will encounter in this forest lodge?

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