CASA Colombo

The luxury boutique hotel of ‘CASA Colombo’ is nestled in the bustling commercial setting of Bambalapitiya. A cul-de-sac keeps it inviolate from the rush and frenzy of the Galle Road, whisking guests away into a world of tranquility.

Best Known For

A 200 year old Moorish mansion transformed into a retro-chic style hotel, ‘CASA Colombo’ basks in a potpourri of contemporary tones and captivating Moorish designs. Italian and Indian mosaic floors, carved arches and stylish balconies embellish the hotel; reviving its former glory and glamour.

The Experience

Each of the 12 suites at ‘CASA Colombo’ has a distinctive character, colour and verve. The Traveler Suite is equipped with a waterfall shower and queen size bed whilst the Corporate Suite features a super king size bed and luxury bathtub. The Royal Suite comes with a Jacuzzi and private patio. Guests are offered the luxury of 24 hour in-suite dining at each suite. In-suite spa service is available for guests at the Traveler and Royal Suites. Suites are appointed with music selectors that play 6 genres of music including Jazz, Salsa, clubby tunes and chill out lounge music. Each piece of custom-made furniture and décor, lightyears away from the mainstream furnishings, enhances the exclusivity of the suites.

A captivating array of eateries and beverages are presented to guests at ‘CASA Colombo’. In a stylish setting ornate with gold colour ceilings and frescoes of ancient seers, ‘MEX’ serves a spectacle of Mexican cuisine infused with fresh herbs and spices. Sit down to organza glass tables and delight in Nachos, Tacos and Churros as the 18-Feet antique fan transports you back in time to an immemorial epoch. ‘Zara Bar’ glasses out a fascinating assortment of wines and other beverages amidst music that sets your toes dancing. The bar is appointed with cozy ball chairs and plush cushions to convey you into a chilled frame-of-mind. Taking shape through the lawn of the boutique hotel is ‘T-Republic’ which serves a creative seletion of hot and chilled Ceylonese teas and coffees. ‘Poolside Lounge’ offers snacks and beverages in a laid-back setting to slow down and laze to your heart’s content.

‘CASA Colombo’ features an interesting library, well stocked with a curious collection.

Around and About

The whimsical and modern cosmopolitan city of Colombo is a mishmash of paradoxes: colonial structures and fashionable high-rise buildings, dingy streets and manicured lawns, strings of modest huts and sumptuous shopping malls, throngs of roadside eateries and fancy cafes all infuse into the vivacious picture. Lavish colonial buildings such as the Independence Square, old Colombo Lighthouse and the Dutch Hospital bejewel the curious milieu whilst fantastic antiques flash in the Colombo National Museum. The Seema Malaka Temple radiates in the middle of the Beira Lake and the nearby Gangaramaya Temple presents a mishmash of art and architecture. While elegant souvenir shops allure with a spectacle of fine porcelains, batiks and exquisite handcrafts that blend into a portrayal of sophistication, the sun-soaked bazaar of Pettah reveals itself in swirls of cacophony and endless haggling. The Thalangama Lake on the hems of Colombo delights in a spectacle of birds that dwell the urban wetlands.

A chilled Sunday in the Moorish comforts with pizazz décor beaming at you. Turn those 1900’s tunes on and laze in the bathtub.

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