Bandarawela Hotel

A truly unique luxury hotel located in the picturesque hill country of the island, Bandarawela Hotel, nestled amidst the misty mountains, whispers promises of secluded tranquillity and fresh mountain air that cleanses one's soul.

This haven located in a colonial bungalow that reflects a rich history of an era bygone, aspires to create lifelong memories in the town of Bandarawela for its guests whether they are looking for a relaxed, reflective vacation or an action-packed, adventurous one.  Harnessing the energy of the surroundings, this hotel takes guests back to a simpler time, allowing them to escape from the norm and live in a dream.

Along with a splendid history interwoven around the location and venue, authentic hospitality, and timeless architectural beauty, Bandarawela Hotel has been flagged as one of the best hotels among the rest of Bandarawela hotels and resorts.  With 33 rooms decorated in traditional style, delectable cuisine, renowned facilities, and the surrounding panorama of misty mountains, this property exudes old world charm.

Title image by: Bandarawela Hotel
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