Amethyst Resort

An exotic beachfront hotel located by one of the renowned beaches of the east coast, Amethyst Resort, seduces its guest with promises of leisure and recreation.  A standout choice amongst the Pasikuda hotels, this resort combines the comforts of home with luxuries of a hotel to ensure that this hideaway will become a home away from home to its visitors.

The resort comprises 38 rooms with two different types to choose from.  Some of these are built facing the alluring Pasikuda Beach to enjoy the stunning vistas sitting that graces the rooms while the others promise panoramic views of the calming river that flows by.

For those looking out for a nightcap with friends and loved ones before calling it a day or in search of a cooling drink to sip while drinking in the idyllic scenery by the beach, the resort includes a pool bar and The Barrel Bar (an archetypal pub which serves a variety of beverages and pub foods together) to meet their need.  As for the dining experience at the Amethyst Resort, “Taprobane”, serves some of the best seafood specialities on the Eastern coast among several dining options.

Amethyst is a stone that brings peace of mind.  It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion.  True to its name vision of Amethyst Resort aims to provide its guests with that experience, ensuring that their holiday is memorable, relaxing and fun all rolled into one.  This luxurious hotel overlooking the rollicking azure sea extends to all the invitation to come and discover the coastal gem of the East.

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