Lil' Baker

What started out as shenanigans of two sisters baking and delivering delicious goodies to their neighbours has now turned into an establishment that dishes out mouth-watering and eye-catching baked goodness.  Today the Lil’ Baker’s menu consists of an array of scrumptious cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, biscuits, tarts, doughnuts, churros and cakes.

Conceived as a result of falling in love with baking, expanding as a result of spreading that happiness with loved ones, Lil’ Baker’s clientele has increased with time.  The baked goodies of the Lil’ Baker are more than simply otherworldly delicious goodies that one can indulge their taste buds to, these products in it selves are works of art.

From catering for baking orders during special seasons to making that special cake enveloped in double vanilla buttercream for that momentous occasion, Lil’ Baker accommodates a variety of request.  Next time when hoping to satiate the cravings of the sweet tooth do keep the Lil’ Baker in mind.

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