Eat Right

Eat Right, true to its name, is a restaurant dedicated to eating healthy.  With menus built around the mantra that healthy food doesn’t need to be tasteless, Eat Right fight this stigma with every dish.  It is their belief that flavour and perfection are in the little details and that the preparation of the dish is key.  Using only the freshest ingredients for every dish, Eat Right goes to the extent of making their mayonnaise in-house with no use of preservatives.

Located on the ground floor under a gymnasium, Eat Right carries an eating healthy theme throughout their premises from its location to using only chicken breast in their chicken dishes to the positive slogans on the walls.  They have even gone as far as making the pizza dough out of Ata or Kurakkan flatbread roti.  Where most people think losing weight is about cutting back on food, this place communicates that one doesn’t have to deprive one’s self, they just have to change a few ingredients.

Given that the transition can be quite difficult for most who are set in their ways and the kinds of foods they love, Eat Right tries hard to make sure that their healthy wholesome dishes taste amazing.  In keeping with this ideology, their menu is quite varied to cover as many bases as possible and ranges from café style dishes to Sri Lankan, Italian and BBQ inspired mains.  They also have a list of interesting fresh juices that cover everything from an energy boost to revitalising drinks to just plain yummy juices.

The initial impression of the place when one walks in can be summed up in three words - simple, spacious and energetic.  The interior is tastefully done in the theme of white, black and lime green with couches and coffee tables on one side and dining tables on the other with just the right amount of light filtering in through the glass so guest can relax while enjoying a meal. 


Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

06.00am - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Continental and Italian

Sri Lankan

Cafés, Bistros and Bakeries

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