WNPS Public Lecture

An insightful lecture on combatting wildlife endangerment, a much needed solace in light of the increasingly worrying topic of wildlife trafficking and the near extinction of certain species. Piquing one’s interest on the topic of wildlife preservation, the ‘WNPS (Wild Life and Nature Protection Services) Public Lecture’ dives into the impacts that international conventions and domestic conservations have on wildlife and nature. Take in a thought-provoking seminar on the vitality of vigilant enforcement networks.

Hosted by the ‘Wild Life and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka’, the lecture garners awareness of environmental conservation and the harm done to the environment by virtue of a number of factors. Harbouring the aim of preventing the destruction and commercial exploitation of wildlife, the ‘Wild Life and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka’ also advocates the preservation of wildlife, as it is, in the natural habitat of Sri Lanka.

Why You Should Go

Dive into an insightful lecture conducted by Gabriel Fava, associate director of Asia and Oceania at the ‘Born Free’ foundation (an international wildlife charity). Intrigue in a number of key topics covered, such as the wildlife trafficking loopholes presented by gaps in legislation and law enforcement and the need for better global regulatory systems.

Keying in on the astounding threat posed to endangered species by the illegal wildlife trade, the seminar also talks about the fraudulent representation of animals in the exotic pet trade, where the animals are described as captive bred, whereas their true origin is from the wild. Drop by the ‘Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall’ (BMICH) for an eye-opening take on the conservation of wildlife and nature.

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Date and Time

Sep 14, 2017


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