Thai Pongal

Dating back to over thousand years the Thai Pongal Festival is a colourful festival celebrated by the Hindus across the world.  This Festival celebrated during the first month of the Hindu calendar known as Thai, is a harvest festival during which the farmers give thanks to the spirits of nature, the sun and the farm animals for their assistance in providing a successful harvest while the rest of the believers celebrate this festival in tribute to the farmers for provision of food.

During the festival, the Hindus worship the sun god referred to as ‘Lord Surya’ or ‘Suryan’ and express their joy and veneration through the use of beautiful and colourful ‘kolam’ (rangoli), drawn in front of their houses.  In addition, various farm products including sugarcane are displayed on plantain leaves, and offerings of the first festival food are made to Lord Surya.

Celebrated as one, the festival of Thai Pongal encourages the spirit of community bringing the believers together in a common function.  A  highlight of the festival is the cooking of the Pongal dish that is prepared outdoors at an auspicious time where the first portion of the dish is presented to Lord Surya in a fresh earthen vessel, which is decorated with flowers, turmeric leaves and roots.  The rest of the festive delicacy is then consumed by the rest of the household.

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Jan 14, 2018


Multiple Locations


Cultural and Religious

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