Sales Accelerator Masterclass

A master class honing in on the key aspects of what drives a sales team to success. An impressive walk through the means to effectively key in successful core inputs into one’s performance in the workplace. The ‘Sales Accelerator Masterclass’ is a 3 day workshop, delving into the very crux of thriving sales performance. With the role of the salesperson thrown into light, strategically narrating how best one could position themselves and organize sales efforts, the master class speaks of proven techniques, guaranteed to boost sales performance by a minimum of 15%.

The master class would be conducted by Mihir Kolthakar, an internationally renowned corporate trainer, motivational speaker and business coach for 17 years. The author of ‘Double Your Sales’, Mihir Kolthakar is also the recipient of the ‘Global Training and Development Leadership Award’ at World Training Congress 2017.

Why You Should Go

Garner crucial knowledge and skills which would assist in exceeding sales targets. Learn ‘pull based’ questioning (where production is based on inventory reaching a certain level), recognize customer needs. Rack on vital techniques how one could supervise and improve ratios in sales cycles, the means of building a sales pipeline for future sales etc.

Inspire in an intriguing master class which touches on a number of topics the likes of, the evolution of sales throughout the years, game changers in negotiations, closing techniques, how one could build long term partnerships and much more.

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Date and Time

Oct 02, 2017 - Oct 04, 2017


LKR 33,999


Corporate and Conferences

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