Mahajana Suwa-Dana International Healthcare Exhibition

A matter of utmost importance, healthcare is something everyone needs to be educated on.  During the past years, Sri Lanka has seen an increase in quality when it comes to healthcare.  ‘Mahajana Suwa-Dana’, organised by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka together with Ceylon College of Physicians, Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine will be a great eye-opener for anyone who attends this Healthcare Exhibition.

This medical symposium will introduce to its attendees the latest advances in medical science and technology as well as indigenous health solutions available in Sri Lanka.  Mahajana Suwa-Dana International Healthcare Exhibition 2017 will discuss matters of importance such as latest technology and services, age-old practices of health care and its benefits, modern healthcare, disease prevention and effective treatment methods available in hospitals and laboratories across Sri Lanka.

As the improvement of one’s health is the best interest at heart of these establishments organising this medical symposium and any individual in general, attending this exhibition will not be a time waster.  Visit Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall from the 14th to the 16th of July to find out the best services that are made available for people in Sri Lanka.

Date and Time

Jul 14, 2017 - Jul 16, 2017


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