Hope – Photography Exhibition 2017

Powerfully captivating, the ‘Hope – Photography Exhibition 2017’ brings forth the cream of local talent, wrapped up in an array of carefully presented photographs. Should you be an amateur or professional photographer, send in your best photograph, expressing the concept of reconciliation in Sri Lanka. With the ‘Arcade Independence Square’ playing host to the exhibition, delight in photographs angled to perfection, reflecting Sri Lankans’ interpretations of reconciliation.

Hosted by the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation in association with the Delegation of the European Union to Sri Lanka and Maldives, the ‘Hope – Photography Exhibition 2017’ is an initiative to encourage Sri Lankans to reflect on their hopes for the future of the country.

Why You Should Go

Take part in an inspiring cause to spread a message of unity and reconciliation amongst Sri Lankans, in light of the 69 years of independence the country has achieved from the British. Experience the beauty of intriguing stories brought to your notice as you journey on to capture that perfect photograph, a masterpiece showcasing depth and character.

Discover inspiring ways of life and narrations, speaking of how far the country has come. Be part of a reason that the need for national reconciliation has gained awareness, sparking up the hope that the diversity of people and various cultures on the island would be more valued and beautifully shone light on to. Should you want to witness the masterpieces by yourself, head on over to the ‘Arcade Independence Square’ and take in the subtle beauty of it all.

Interesting Facts

  • Of the entries sent, 70 of the best photographs would be selected and exhibited at the Arcade Independence Square from Sep 14, 2017 to Sep 17, 2017.
  • Selected photos would be published in the European Union Delegation calendar for 2018 and a booklet produced by the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation
  • Photographs could also be taken through smartphones
  • Winners of both the amateur and professional categories would be given valuable prizes
  • Email your entries to [email protected] on or before August 31, 2017
  • Image resolution should be as high as possible and in the native format
  • The file size should not exceed 25MB

The information included should be the name and location of photographer as well as the preferred title of entry

Title image by: Office for National Unity and Reconciliation and the European Union in Sri Lanka and Maldives

Date and Time

Sep 14, 2017 - Sep 17, 2017


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