Embracing the Customer Experience Paradigm Shift

Considering the ever-changing paradigm of business and customer expectations which change accordingly, one has to admit, traditional methods of customer service are not quite going to cut it: a thought-provoking workshop on revolutionizing customer experience, the event broaches the subject of ‘Embracing the Customer Experience Paradigm Shift’.

Organized by F&R Training and Development, the workshop focuses on throwing in a wow factor into customer relationships and marketing strategies: brainstorm innovative methods where the customer is left reeling from not only unparalleled service, but is so impressed by the experience as a whole that they share the experience with friends and family. This racks up not only crucial marketing of the product or service in question, but also the name and image of the company.

Why You Should Go

Delve into an insightful seminar, spearheaded by acclaimed speaker Farill Farook and corporate trainer Rimaz Marzook, where tools and skills essential for brilliant interpersonal communication are brought to light. Discover how one could reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings or miscommunications occurring in the course of the service.

Engage in an inspiring workshop covering a range of topics, the likes of customer retention, harbouring empathy over arrogance, carrying out the service with a genuine smile, customer database management and so on. Partake in an eye opening seminar, honing in on the dos and don’ts of excellent customer service: delve into the subject of understanding digital age customers, internal and external customer satisfaction, creating profitable customers and much more.

Title image by: F&R Training and Development

Date and Time

Sep 14, 2017




Corporate and Conferences

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