Dance The Night Away With The Oldies – Gatsby Style

Inspire in an opportunity to uplift a number of elders, courtesy of a night of fun, dance and spirited ambience. A Gatsby styled, night of reminiscence, with timeless classics filling the air. Volunteer at a night of sheer entertainment which would see the elders of all the homes ‘The Soup Bowl’ has worked with in the past, brought under one roof.

Organized by ‘The Soup Bowl’, a hospitality ministry which serves those who are underprivileged, the event is one of a number of outreaches conducted in the hopes of uplifting children’s and elder’s homes and people on the streets. An empowering organization which aims to diminish the crisis of hunger for the underprivileged, ‘The Soup Bowl’ provides one meal per month as well as rations for homes.

Why You Should Go

Interact with a number of elders, delve into eye-opening insights into their daily lives. Lend a hand in the course of games and activities that are to take place, should an elder have difficulty in getting about. Be a part of a cause to brighten up an elder’s night and not let physical disabilities get in their way.

Delight in the ‘Great Gatsby’ vibe of the night, bringing back the best of the past, as the thumping beat of music from the 20s through to the 60s, reverberates around the confines of the ‘IdeaHell’ studio. Make the best of an outreach opportunity to motivate and uplift the elderly community, to whom entertainment nights of such pomp and throwbacks to much-loved retro classics are few and far between.

General Information

With funds running slightly low on the bringing about of this event, should you want to have a hand in an endeavor to bring a smile to the elders’ faces, sponsorships would be appreciated.

Title image by: The Soup Bowl

Date and Time

Sep 23, 2017




Community and Causes

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