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Fancy delving into the secrets behind the finest complement of wine and food? Captivate in an insightful presentation on how carefully paired wine, complements food. A programme on wine variety, differing balances and flavours, what works, what doesn’t, plus more awaits you at the renowned ‘Movenpick Hotel Colombo’.

The programme would be conducted by the internationally certified educator in wine and spirits, Joseph Kenny. The chief executive officer and founder of ‘Beverage Academy International’, Joseph Kenny brings forth an opportunity to delve into the very crux of the wine world.

Why You Should Go

Delight in a programme which touches on the major grape varieties and styles of wine. Discover how wine backgrounds fuse perfectly with differing additions. Throw in luscious wine tasting of 6 delights and discover how one would objectively assess their overall quality.

Partake in an intriguing discussion on wine service and etiquette. Embark on a journey which hones in on differing kinds of wine, the likes of ‘Chardonnay’, ‘Sauvignon Blanc’, ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ and ‘Merlot’, in addition to 2 more wines, showcasing the pairing and harmonization of wine and food perfectly.

General Information

  • The individual ticket price would be LKR 5,950 whereas, should one be attending the program as part of a corporate group or any group nonetheless, the price per individual would be LKR 4,950 (this applies for a group which has a minimum of 6 members)
  • Tea or coffee would be provided along with cake, at the registration which is to take place at 9.30am
Title image by: Beverage Academy International The information displayed is provided by All About Wines & Food Pairing

Date and Time

Sep 23, 2017


LKR 5,950
LKR 4,950
minimum of 6 persons/price per person

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